Lure "Fines" ultra flexible and very resistant for the fishing of Sandres, perches and pike. Used in spinning drop shot etc... 
Size: 75mm 
Available in 7 different colors

The range of surface swimmer fish "WHIPER" is one of the most beautiful and efficient on the market. The plastics used allow us to provide you with unique swimming fish due to their strength and swimming. The tail acts as a propeller in order to increase surface vibrations to trigger attacks more quickly. A Quality France baits is a quality that makes you take more carnivores.  
Height/weight: 10cm and 13g  
Available in 4 different colors

"Roll Shad" is ultra soft leaded with ventral palette. It is an innovative lure and a formidable efficiency on pike, perch and black bass. To have absolutely in your box of lures. 
Sizes/weight: 70mm and 13gr 
Available in 3 different colors

Ultra flexible lure imitating a sculpin. Formidable on all recalcitrant carnivores. 
Sizes: 90mm 
Three colors available

Predator spray is a additf special soft lures of formidable effectiveness. A small spray on your soft lure which will increase your chances of catching. Very effective! 
50ml spray bottle

All our eschage pasta preparations are made on a 100% natural new generation basis. Their outfit is exemplary and their attraction is maximum. The range "Trout Paste ̎ is studied for trout fishing, for use with hooks 1510. Wetting with water and following the desired texture. An exclusivity that will be talked about and for a long time. Made in our workshops. 
3 flavors available: Salmon, shrimp and cheese 
Bag of 100g including 20% free.