The " Tech Line " nylon is a technological feat in the design and manufacture of monofilament. It has a perfect calibration, sufficient flexibility while maintaining a significant strength. The Tech Line is a high-end Japanese nylon for the realization of your lines and your bottoms of lines. Can be used for line bottoms for English fishing and feeder. A nylon you need, signed France Baits!
The "ULTIMA" range is the latest created and manufactured by France Baits. Its value for money places it at the top of all the primers on the market. They are made from raw materials of high quality freshness. Each sachet has an easy opening at the top left or right for ease of use. Made in our workshops. Bag of 1kg.
This new generation of liquid additives is truly unique because of its manufacture due to its 100% natural base. A year of research has allowed us to develop this range of liquid additives that brings a major asset to demanding fishermen. Some additives have been enriched with extracts during their manufacture, which makes them even more attractive. Made in our workshops. A BEST for competitive fishing!
Natural powder that allows you to glue your maggots. You can thus make balls for priming. Spray your maggots with water slightly and sprinkle them. Wait about 10 minutes to get a perfect bonding. Pot of : 300 gr