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France Baits offers you the largest range of primers in Europe with nearly 300 references all designed and manufactured in its workshops in Séreilhac in Haute-Vienne. 
France Baits are not just flours or primers. You will also find a wide range of accessories for all fishing techniques which will satisfy the competitive fisherman but also the "amateur" fishermen. Our great team of consultants located throughout France use our products and contribute to the improvement of the range. This collaboration allows France Baits every year to offer you many novelties all equally powerful and of high quality.
    Catalog 2024
New Floats C1
New Reel Supra 4000
New Match Fishing Pole
NEWS 2021
Hook 2030
Wide hook, fine iron and very resistant. Without a gad for the respect of fish Very useful when using esche or small grain of corn, hook goes everywhere. Pungent needle. 
Sizes 10 - 12 and 14. 
Pouch of 15 hooks.
Hook 2150
White hook with micro barb, slightly curved, specially designed for carp peaches with bread. Unique camouflage due to its color. Pungent needle. Sizes 8 - 10 and 12. 
Pouch of 15 hooks.

Groundbait super feeder roach
The latest primer designed and manufactured by France Baits. To use in pond, river and lake. Medium-milling primer with a pleasant smell and which works on your shot for a long time. Effective on roaches. Brown color at anchor.

France Baits is a French company created in 1993 in Haute-Vienne. It is at the forefront in the manufacture of innovative and high-performance primers recognized throughout France. Choosing France Baits means choosing a French brand that listens to its fishermen.

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                     Phone : 05 87 41 64 00 
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