Gum Boost and the continuity of our range of artificial baits created 5 years ago. You will find fake corn and tiger nut flowing or floating in order to modify the presentation of your artificial esches and trigger the maximum number of keys. Choosing france Baits quality is a major asset in the success of your future carp fishing parties.
France Baits boosters effectively strengthen and mark your eschages boilies for long hours. They all have a double diffusion which allows the carp to differentiate the boil mounted on the hair from those used for priming. We have been manufacturing DIP GEL for almost 23 years. It's a coating booster never made nowadays, with irresistible flavors for carp.
UFO is a booster made on a 100% natural new generation basis. Exceptional it leaves a hyper-attractive trace in the entire layer of water from its contact with it. You can use it on your pellets, boilies or directly in your stick mix. . Some additives have been enriched with natural extracts during their manufacture, which makes them even more attractive. A novelty that will be talked about and for a long time. Made in our workshops. Bottle with dosing cap very useful. 125ml bottle
This range of birdfood of high quality freshness are made in our workshops in order to offer you the best. An effective ally for the manufacture of boilies or as a complement to the carp primer.